Where to source Vintage Industrial dining tables

Vintage Industrial Dining Tables in the UK

Vintage industrial dining tables is moving out of the factory and workshop premises and entering the drawing rooms . In other words, non-industrial purposes of such furniture are gaining in popularity. Vintage industrial tables is turning up as antique bar stools and dining room tables. Even scissor lift coffee tables have proved to become conversation starters in the living chambers, whereas primary industrial chairs are adorning the sidewalk cafes.

vintage industrial furniture

Vintage industrial dining tables is no more left to rot or broken down into scrap. Such furniture is being given a fresh lease of life in modern interior designing in India. Repurposed as distinctive and unique household pieces furnishing as well as art pieces, industrial chairs, tables and similar components are proving to be much useful. Added features like caster wheels are making bookcases attractive. On the other hand, industrial shelves are being joined by pipes.

The potential uses of Indian vintage industrial furniture were hardly realized in the earlier days. Whenever an old mansion or palace was brought down, the wood was auctioned off, and later use of the wood was almost unknown. In most cases, the wood was used for insipid purposes.

vintage industrial dining tables

Over the last few years, the government of India has imposed strict laws on felling of trees. With climate change concerns increasing more than ever and India witnessing a rapid erosion of its forest resources, there was a pertinent need to prevent any further loss of trees. This has made the cost of wood dealer and obviously many people are finding it hard to afford new wood.

Thankfully to the increasing use of vintage industrial furniture, customers in India can avail of quality furniture pieces without having to spend a fortune. The popularity of vintage industrial furniture has thus soared lately.

Vintage Industrial Furniture

Necessarily durable for the long years of industrial use, vintage industrial furniture is appealing to consumers all over the world. India, especially, is the place from where such furniture is sourced. The reclaimed furniture also speaks of quality. For instance, it’s hard to beat steel when you are searching for table legs capable to withstand an impact of cat claws, toy cars, skateboards, etc. Besides, such furniture has undergone years of seasoning and hence much suited for domestic and business use.

While the authentic vintage look is preferred by many, many, prefer to give a new look to their furniture. Sometimes, the dents and marks are scrubbed away, and a new coat of paint is applied. Others prefer to retain the marks of time on vintage industrial furniture. While this doesn’t look bad on wooden furniture, giving them a sharp look, it may not be the case on metal or steel furniture. The best place to find this type of vintage furniture is at Russell oak and Steel.

Many leading furniture manufacturers are taking to vintage industrial furniture. There’s no hassle involved in sending such furniture because the typical process of making new furniture is very laborious. Quality craftsmen are also hard to come by. Carving new furniture out of seasoned wood is a fast vanishing profession. Vintage Indian industrial furniture, hence, has become popular.

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