Top Tips For Letting Out Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation Derby

Letting out stuDent accommodation Derby is slightly different to letting your property out to young professionals or families. There are a few things that are unique to students that may help you to enjoy more success as a landlord targeting this market, so here are a few top tips to help you get more out of your rental property and houses to rent in burton on trent. Professional Properties are known as the best letting agents in Derby.

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Use the Best letting agents

Most students do not care for luxury fittings and stylish interiors. What they want are furniture, fixtures, and fittings which are easy to keep clean and which are long lasting. The less work they have to do the better, so if you have furniture which regularly becomes soiled or stained this is only going to create work for them.

The good news is that you can often find perfectly adequate fixtures and fittings without having to spend much money, which is ideal when you are letting student accommodation derby.

student accommodation derby

Burton on Trent Houses to Rent

One of the most important things for students when they rent a property is how far they will have to go to find the things which interest them. It is, therefore, a good idea to highlight nearby pubs, bars, and nightclubs in your marketing copy, as well as nearby shops and supermarkets.

Another important factor will be how near the property is to the university buildings, so make this clear when you are marketing the property. Often the best place to look is for houSes to reNt in burton on trent.

Half-Price Rent for Three Months

Many students return to their parents’ homes or go traveling during the long summer months, so it may be a good idea to offer your tenants a special deal, such as half-price rent for these months.

You will not have any work to do during these three months, and it is a good way to attract more students to your apartment, as long as they agree to leave the property during that period.

Sign Up with an Estate Agent

Many students do not want to look too far for a property, and they will often go to their nearest estate agency specializing in student accommodation derby.

This means it is a very good idea to sign up with a good letting agency which has a good reputation, and this may well help you to let out your property sooner.

Try to help out the estate agents by helping them to promote your property. This may include providing them with descriptions and images, as well as a list of times when you will be available to show potential tenants around.


Enjoy More Success Letting to Students
Student lets are an attractive option for landlords who own properties in towns and cities with large student populations. However it is not all plain sailing, so follow the tips above and you can avoid the most common pitfalls and get more from your student accommodation derby. Also try and search for houses to rent in burton on trent as they are often known as the cheapest.


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